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Resources and productive means

Padureta Metal Casting

In Padureta Metal Casting we have the resources and means to guarantee the optimal results in any services of manufacturing of pieces of spheroidal iron. We have induction heating technology which is clean, efficient from the energy point of view and offers a more controllable metal treatment.

Our nodular iron foundry has a staff that offers the experience and commitment necessary to meet the most demanding production standards.

Molding Fusion


2 10 Ton electric induction furnaces


2 High-pressure automatic molding machines DISA-MA TIC 2095 and DISA-MA TIC MK4.

Core manufacturing


1 automatic machine type 6y-5l of hot box by combustion with pneumatic actioning and automaton programming.


1 triggering device working in the "Betaset" process with gasifier and a 5l triggering capacity.

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