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SG Iron Foundry

At Padureta Metal Casting we are dedicated to the design, development and manufacture of pieces of nodular iron for all type of industrial sectors.

Nodular Iron Castings

Pieces from 100 gr. to 20 kg. Series: short, medium and large. Minimum batch: 100 units.

Materials we work

Nodular iron castings according to the mechanical characteristics of the UNE EN 1563 regulations on the spheroidal graphite.


Sectors we work for

We work for all types of sectors anywhere in the world.

Padureta Metal Casting

Padureta Metal Casting focuses its activity on the design, development and manufacture of pieces of nodular iron. Strategically located in the heart of the Basque Country, we have installations of 8500 meters and a staff of 30 people who have dozens of years of experience in the iron casting sector.
At PMC we have the elements of quality control and the material and human resources necessary to offer with guarantees our foundry services and we are in continuous improvement and modernization of all our processes and equipment.


Quality and Satisfaction

 We are committed to maintain the quality commitments acquired with our customers and satisfy their needs by getting our pieces of nodular iron to any part of Europe.

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