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Quality and Environment

Quality commitments with our customers

At Padureta Metal Casting we want to position ourselves as a prestigious supplier in the Spheroidal Nodular Casting sector. This, added to the high number of international commitments that we face, requires adopting quality policies that place us at the forefront of the manufacture of industrial pieces of nodular iron.

This is why all our employees assume PMC’s commitments and quality processes towards his clients:

Meet his expectations.

To offer the highest quality in our product minimizing defects

Provide added value.

And service working on continuous improvement in order to keep him satisfied.

Caring for the Environment

Complying with the legislation and customer requirements to minimize contamination.

Prioritize Security

At work and maintain a clear commitment to prevention in order to avoid accidents

Tools and equipment for quality control.

PMC has the appropriate means for an optimal control of iron parts manufacturing processes and the verification of specifications indicated by the client:

  • Metallurgical analysis by emission spectrometry
  • Control of parameters of sandbox
  • Metallurgical / metallographic analysis
  • Mechanical tests
  • Other non-destructive tests subcontracted (RX, MT, PM)
  • External collaboration with a prestigious laboratory such as AZTERLAN to support and carry out all kinds of tests or additional inspections.

PMC quality certifications

ISO 9001:2008

ISO 14001:2004

OHSAS 18001:2007

Sustainable growth.

At PMC we believe that our growth must be based on sustainable growth. We have integrated our nodular foundry into a culture based mainly on the protection of our environment, applying the principles of prevention and environmental control. All this effort has given fruit after obtaining the Integrated Environmental Authorization (AAI).

The objective of this regulation is to impose limits on all environmental vectors (atmosphere, water, noise, waste, soil …), as well as surveillance plans. With this purpose the transfer of contamination from one medium to another is prevented.

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